5000 Miles and Eleven Thousand Days

Paperback – June 2, 2012

5000 MilesAnd Eleven Thousand Days

5000 Miles and Eleven thou-sand days is a story about the first three decades of an American with roots abroad, named Bo Jaye. The book reflects on some of the key events during this entire period and the twenty fins century in a narrative tone to a future son -from his growing up years in Ni-geria to the grown up years in the New Jersey area.

Now American after growing up in West Africa, Bo Jaye – the main character, reflects on this experience to his future son zooming in on the decade long stretch in America and the two decades prior 5000 miles away, leading up to his present role in state government regulating an industry that touches thousands of families every year, that may now include his following a recent trip to Abidjan.