board diversity tracker

With one in four investing dollars now following Environment, Social, Governance (ESG) driven principles, the dawn of a new era is upon us with regard to making certain that companies prioritize tenets that attract more of these dollars.

Having a corporate board that reflects diversity and inclusion is considered to be part of “S” in ESG at a time when companies that turn a blind eye to representative boards whether in terms of having ethnic minorities or other criteria are at risk of regulatory scrutiny among other consequences. Because of the disproportionate influence institutional investors have on strategic corporate decisions, we also list these major holders as they hold a powerful lever in shaping the board composition.

So this tracker tool will keep tabs on who’s on or off, moves/changes, what backgrounds board members have, and large investors within this S&P 500 index, a broad, representative gauge of US companies.

Our initiative has a simple, yet lofty goal: to see an ethnic minority in every one of these boards by the year 2025. Let’s make it so (Amen).

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