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Online Strategy And Innovation Tools By Bayode

Strategy Bot: So far, Bayode’s strategic coaching has generated over $2.5b in new revenue for his clients. Use this strategy bot to experience a virtual coaching session with him. Click the button below to generate up to 25 new breakthrough ideas for accelerating your growth..

A Manual for Outthinking the Competition: A white paper that walks you through a step-by-step process for surmounting the seven critical hurdles that prevent companies from responding rapidly and creatively to new strategic challenges.

Jack Welch – Passion Workbook – A collection of 14 exercises you and your team can use connect with the passion and purpose of what you do.

Building Creative Strategies with Patterns: An article originally published in Harvard Business Review.

Seven Surprise Openings:  An article originally published in Havard Business Review.

30 Minute Strategy Workbook: Five steps to rapidly – in 30 minutes or less – design a strategic narrative for achieving your goals in work or life.

Reverse Engineering Your Destiny – an even shorter version of my “30 Minute Strategy” workbook designed by Izzy Greenberg of Tekiyah Creative.

Beliefs Workbook: Belief is Contagious. It wins supporters. It’s self-fulfilling. Here’s how to get there when nagging, negative thoughts are holding you back.

Personal Strategy Tracking Tool: a simple matrix and daily practice to help keep you on the path to realizing your one-year strategy.

Personal Strategy Refresh Tool – A 10 minute exercise to assess whether you are on track and identify what parts of your strategy you want to adjust to re energize, refresh, and reclaim strategic clarity.